Untitled Paramore...

Not completed... Don't know if I will. Thoughts please Hey, just a one-shot. Not even sure if I’m actually gonna complete it. This is every Paramore…
iknowdisarnoldis Jun 25, 2011
iknowdisarnoldis Jun 05, 2011

Obsessed Chapter 8

Hello Buzznet!! I think it's been over a month since I was last online, ass time flies. I dunno if you guys heard about Josh's…
iknowdisarnoldis Jun 05, 2011
Josh and Zac from Jennavid

Josh and Zac from Jenna

Video of J+Z on Jenna's youtube channrl
iknowdisarnoldis May 15, 2011

Josh and Jenna

jenna Rice nee Farro gets a lot of hate simply because a lot of people feel she is what was standing between Joshayley getting together…
59 new pics
iknowdisarnoldis May 13, 2011

Obsessed Chapter 7

Holidays Josh's POV I got home and saw Emily playing with her toys and the Christmas tree finished. It looked wonderful. Hayley was in the kitchen. I…

Another Q&A about me :D Submit questions in the comment box.

Hey guys :3 I'm doing another Q&A about me,so get your questions in now! It can be any amount,and about anything! :) Honestly,i wanna hear the…
iknowdisarnoldis May 10, 2011

Obsessed 6 or 7 not sure

Hayley's POV Josh left for work as usual and I had Emily today. While Emily was watching TV the doorbell rang. I went to open it…
Paramore - CarefulMisery Business Mashupvid

Paramore - Careful/Misery Business Mashup

Since the songs fit so well together, I thought I would do the same mash up, but with the vocals of Careful and Instrumentation of…
iknowdisarnoldis May 01, 2011


Hey, just a one-shot. Not even sure if I’m actually gonna complete it. This is every Paramore fan’s dream, or at least I think it…
iknowdisarnoldis Apr 28, 2011

Obsessed 5

  Josh's POV I was dredging going back to work on Monday, but I had no choice. Hayley said she was going Christmas shopping for me, but…

Obsesse Chapter 4

The Party Josh's POV Traffic was a killer, but I got to work in one piece. The Christmas tree was light and it look wonderful. I made…
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